Never Easy but Always Worth it. This is your Journey to a more fur-filled and healthier lifestyle.

I am an experienced professional personal trainer and coach.  My background comes from professional natural body building and ultra marathon running, having competed all over Switzerland and across the world in Iron-women and trail running competitions. 
My philosophy guides everything I do and you can learn more about me below. Take a little step and let me help you to a stronger and healthier lifestyle.

My Training Technique

I focus on physical and mental fitness training and use a range of techniques and methods which seek to build both stamina and strength tailored to your needs.
Given my professional natural body background, I want to provide my clients the best of all the techniques that I have used, techniques where I am certified and those which I have experienced and used myself. I use traditional as well as new modern techniques.
I believe that an effective training regime should not be fixed to one style and needs to constantly evolve to take the best from each method to support my clients journey. I concentrate our efforts on core and cardio training, but tailor this to your needs and development objectives. I like focusing on using your own body weight, bars & dumbbells, TRX, ZUU, gymnastics and other techniques learnt from a long career within the fitness industry.
It does not matter what your starting point is or your level of fitness. I am here to support you on a journey where step by step you will feel the benefits of a stronger body and mind in all your daily activities. The hardest part of the journey is turning up. The rest is about competing against yourself and no-one else.
I cater for all age groups and my clients include teenagers and families through to retirees. Fundamental to my philosophy is the recognition that we are all individuals but that as a team we motivate each other. My inspiration is helping you.

About Me

Most of all, I am just an ordinary person who succeeded because my children, family and friends believed in me. Life is tough but taking things one step at a time you will be amazed at how much you can achieve.  Your hardest competitor and critic in life is yourself and change is never easy for anybody. 

I have people say, if you just concentrated on one sport, you will break records! You are in no condition to compete! Stop running, your legs are loosing shape, your skin is stretching. What does a medal mean? Who cares?I LOVE all my sports! I compete to raise funds and awareness for Physically Challenged Athletes… I run for them because I can. I operate my own charity Guts2Glory. Please follow this link for details about my charitable activities.

I compete to motivate and inspire those who have given up.  My goal is to coach many others to be a better version of themselves. Your achievements are my inspiration and motivation for what I do.  Every session is about you wanting to come back.

Do you have a dream a target? A goal? Whether it be a 5km Run, Ultra Duathlon, IronMan,Fitness Pageant or just to improve and maintain your health…… I would like to assist you on your journey. Take the first step on a journey of better well being, higher energy levels, less stress and let us help you to develop your goals and targets.  Let me help you to achieve them.