Our Philosophy

At Lee’s Fitness Studio, we focus on physical and mental fitness training. We use a range of techniques and methods which seek to build both stamina and strength. Lee and the other instructors provide coached classes and/or personal training based on a combination of traditional and new training methods. We believe that an effective training regime should not be fixed to one style and needs to constantly evolve to take the best from each to support the journey that you are undertaking. We concentrate our efforts on core and cardio training. Our techniques cover traditional and non-traditional exercises from using your own body weight, bars & dumbbells, TRX, ZUU, gymnastics and other techniques learnt from a long career within the fitness industry.

It does not matter what your starting point is or your level of fitness. We are here to support you on a journey where step by step you will feel the benefits of a stronger body and mind in all your daily activities. The hardest part of the journey is turning up. The rest is about competing against yourself – no-one else.

Our fitness studio caters for all age groups and our members include teenagers and families through to retirees. Fundamental to our philosophy is the recognition that we are all individuals but that as a team our goal is to motivate each other. Our inspiration is helping you.

If you are seeking to start again at a later stage in life, maybe after kids or as a mechanism to deal with the stress that life throws at you – take the first step and contact us.