About Qi Gong

About Qi Gong

Qi Gong is an ancient form of exercise originating in China and dating back over 4000 years. It comprises a series of movements and stretching exercises  aligning breath, mind and body. It is practiced whilst standing and works progressively through the entire body.

The form of Qi Gong that Is practiced is an authentic form from the Daoyin called EMei Qigong Stretching Exercises and comes from an unbroken and highly respected linage.

Qi is the fundamental life force and energy that pervades all living things. Qi Gong is directly related and focused on health cultivation and all the movements work with the principles of generation and the flow of Qi through the body.   Qi Gong practice helps generate inner strength, increased mobility in the muscles, tendons and joints and improved circulation of Qi, breath and the vital fluids. Because of its direct association with classical Chinese medicine the practice is a form of self healing and prevention of illness as it also strengthens the body’s defense mechanisms. By harmonising movement, breath and Qi a wonderful feeling of an energised but relaxed body and calm mind result.

Your Teacher

Ossian studied Chinese medicine and acupuncture and has a Diploma in acupuncture from the highly respected Chiway Academy in Winterthur. He has been a lifelong student of yoga and more recently through his studies in Chinese medicine has learnt and practiced Qi Gong. Ossian started CrossFit in 2013 and has found that the combination of developing inner Qi and mental harmony works synergistically with high intensity training such as CrossFit. In many martial arts the combination of inner and outer development is considered essential.  Originally drawn to Switzerland for the mountains and rock climbing he enjoys the Swiss open spaces, mountains and lakes.